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How To Advertise Music video On YouTube In 2022

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How To Advertise Music video On YouTube In 2022

Many artists enjoy the process of creating and dislike the process of promotion. Let’s be real this time. One of the things you dislike about promotions is that you have to interact with people.

Engaging the creative side of your brain while creating your music video and not engaging your creative side when you’re marketing is an error. Why? Because promotion is and could be a result of imagination.

YouTube is among the most popular platforms for hosting your videos and music. YouTube has more than 1.86 billion people looking forward to new and exciting music.

If you’re an artist working in the music business, how can you advertise music video on YouTube? How can you differentiate yourself from the rest? Here is an array of strategies you can apply.

Why are music videos important for musicians?

Music videos create a multidimensional experience. The audience isn’t only listening, and they are experiencing too.

There is a preconceived expectation of visual references to your music. That’s where your thoughts are put to use! Music videos let your fans, promoters and booking agents know that you are taking your music venture seriously and professionally.

As a result, it can affect how they perceive you, your work, and your performance. This is why it is essential to concentrate on the image you wish your viewers to connect with and remember.
Promoters and bookers are also keen to be associated with professional and well-known performers, which can boost their standing in return.

Consider this What if I was an advertiser or booker and came across the video above? Would you want to post it on my website? The advent of the internet makes this even more essential than ever before.

Don’t be scared by budgetary limitations and transform them into opportunities to invent. There are plenty of examples of artists who have succeeded using their imagination instead of technical expertise.

Three phase of a release

There are three phases to the process of promoting a music video before you advertise music video on YouTube or advertising music video on YouTube.

  • Pre-release
  • Release itself
  • Post-release

Each phase needs various devices and outlets. When you begin making plans for the release and set a date, you must also decide on a time that the pre-release period begins.

This is the time to begin making posts about your video via social media. It might be an official announcement, or it could be more dramatic by sharing teasers or excerpts of the video.

If you can do it, the aim is to generate excitement and excitement. Little things like a fresh channel description or banner only a couple of weeks before the launch date can help kick off the excitement. Your viewers will be aware there’s something new.

What is a YouTube Channel?

How To Advertise Music video On YouTube In 2022 (1)

The personal YouTube channel is accessible to anyone who joins YouTube as an account member. The channel is the main page of the user’s account. You can have multiple YouTube channels.

An account on YouTube is one of the first items you design for your artist or band. Because Google controls YouTube, the channel is linked to a Google account.

You must use your artist’s name when signing up to create the YoutTube channel and a Google account to advertise music video on YouTube.

After you’ve filled in the essential information about the country you’re from and how you are reached, and if you’re an independent person or belong to an organization, One of the initial steps to follow before making your video public is to design an easily identifiable profile picture.

Choose between an artist’s image or logo, as they do not fit in the tiny picture frame that YouTube provides. A great profile photo is among the most crucial visual anchors you can design for your audience to remember your company and company’s name.

Promoting your video’s music on YouTube is vital.

You’ve completed your video. You’ve put weeks and months of sweat, blood, tears, money, and tears into the making. Why shouldn’t the work be able to speak about the work?

A total of 500 hours worth of videos are posted to YouTube every minute, so it is highly likely that your video will be noticed with some assistance.

Not every fan or potential user is an active subscriber to YouTube. Additionally, it is not the case that every subscriber has set the notification alarm. If you upload the video to YouTube, many people who like to hear about it may not be aware. In addition to sharing the video on every social media platform and enlisting your friends, other bands, and perhaps media outlets to promote the video also expands its reach.

These measures are all promotional tools that are completely free of cost (most of the time, with media platforms, however, some offer a paid-for system). When it comes to targeted advertising to advertise music video on YouTube, a properly-designed Google Ads campaign can significantly improve the odds of a successful launch of your video.

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How To Advertise Music Video On YouTube

1. Improve your profile 

First on the ways to advertise music video on YouTube is to Improve your profile, First impressions count. Big-time.

Get your YouTube channel up and running by making sure that your YouTube channel is properly presented and appealing to the eyes.

Here’s a checklist that will give you the basics.

Has your channel got:

  • A well-designed and ideal-sized YouTube banner
  • A fantastic profile picture or logo
  • Well-organized content – i.e. content organized into thematic or playlist sections for certain types of video (‘official music videos, official remixes, and live performances)
  • Links to your social media accounts and the official website

A description of the section ‘About’, i.e. an explicit description of your purpose and the voice of an artist (as hashtags that can assist the algorithm in finding the channel!)

High-quality thumbnails – whether ones recommended through YouTube or ones that you’ve made by yourself, using apps such as Canva and Adobe

An appealing on-screen design could mean the difference between viewers opting to stay with your channel and muck around or going away before they’ve been able to walk in the front door.

2. Help spread the word.

Also another way to advertise music video on YouTube is to spread the word, Even if you’re trying your best to gain a following on YouTube does not mean that you shouldn’t be focusing on your social media strategies.

Instead, use communities and online groups to engage with people from different backgrounds, interests and passions.

The most well-known online communities with musicians are found on sites such as SoundCloud and Reddit. For instance, Reddit has subreddits specifically geared towards your style or genre of music in addition to general ones like “r/listen for this.”

Consider ways you can enhance the dynamics of these groups. Does your video interact with certain themes or topics related to this particular group or community? If it does, it’s great! Share your video on social media, encourage viewers to view it, and remember to upload a striking thumbnail.

This includes that you are on the top websites for social networking to increase your reach, build hype about upcoming developments or projects or upload your music videos, of course, and also come up with other types of content that are engaging.

You could also make cuts of your music videos to be used as teaser content to be shared on social media as a 15-second Instagram story or a 30- seconds Facebook posting.

This will give people an opportunity to peek into your video. This will create anticipation and send viewers to your channel on YouTube to see the whole thing once it’s available!

3. Create engaging video content

Also on the ways to advertise music video on YouTube is to Create engaging video content, Your YouTube channel shouldn’t serve as a simple archive of your content. It should perform more than this.

It should include additional content that can improve your music and fans enjoying the experience and, in particular, content that will allow users to connect with you at an emotional level.

Create a list of content ideas before time, which will assist you with organizing the content you’ll post on your channel and the types of videos you’ll show.

Here are some suggestions to start you off:

  • Q&A/get to Know Sessions
  • Video streams live
  • Playlist sessions or series
  • Teasers/behind the scene clips

If you’re stuck on ideas, the analogy you can be a part of includes many videos and one song.

What is the meaning behind this?

You can make at least 2-4 videos of every song simply by repurposing the original content.

Think: official song release, lyric video, collabs, acoustic/acapella/remix versions and so on

YouTubers and musicians constantly develop new and innovative methods for creating captivating content. Please take note of this and test it out for yourself!

4. You can schedule your videos.

Another way to advertise music video on YouTube is to schedule your videos, Develop a regularly scheduled and consistent upload timetable to let your fans or subscribers understand when they can look forward to a new upload from you.

It’s not about posting videos on the left, right, and centre. It’s just the opposite.

The best way to do this is over deliver rather than under-deliver. Don’t try to publish three videos every week, then miss two because you were travelling and leave your followers with a feeling of disappointment and hurt because you didn’t meet the date.

The frequency at which you post your videos is completely dependent on you. However, it’s recommended that you post at least every month so fans don’t fall off as they wait for the next video or wonder if your channel is still in operation.

Posting at peak times in the morning is an excellent rule of thumb to ensure that your videos are seen by the largest amount of people possible, particularly if you have listeners from various time zones. There’s no reason to blame people for not listening to your latest video when you uploaded it late at night.

If you’d like to truly efficiently tailor your release schedule to meet your viewers’ needs, check out your channel’s Analytics tab. On the next tab, you’ll be able to get a breakdown of the times the most viewers to visit your videos. Then, you can use this information to decide the days and times you’ll use to schedule your videos.

5. Find your target audience

Also another way to advertise music video on YouTube is to find your target audience, In the beginning, there’s a good chance you won’t have a loyal fan base or subscriber base to give you the level of visibility you’d like. Therefore, you’ll need to start building one.

The key to identifying your audience or area of expertise is deciding the places – online or offline – for those who enjoy and appreciate the music you play.

Think about social media platforms, offline and online communities, etc. Contact them directly, or email them your channel’s URL with a nice note asking them to visit your channel!

It’s not illegal to take someone else’s. The majority of the time, the way to build an audience is by reaching out to a crowd of music that is already well-known.

One of the most popular ways that artists have achieved this is to create the cover video for a popular song by a musician with a huge fan base.

In reality, most people don’t listen to artists they’ve not heard of before. Sometimes, it’s the artist’s turn to play a song from their most loved artist to get them to sit down and pay attention (harsh yet true! ).

6. Use CTAs in your videos

Another way to advertise music video on YouTube is to use CTAs in your videos, Include a “Call To Action (or CTA within your film is an effective means of encouraging viewers to do something before, during, or following your video.

It could be subscribing to your channel to ensure they don’t feel able to miss a new movie or urging them to view another similar video to this one, or encouraging them to browse your official site.

They can be in shape in the following ways:

  • A pop-up window will appear during the video
  • A link is included in the bar that describes
  • A link is located at the close of the video

7. Use YouTube SEO

Another way to advertise music video on YouTube is to use YouTube SEO, In simple phrases, SEO or “Search Engine Optimization” refers to using keywords and phrases that users search for in the video you post.

If you know what people are looking for, you could be sure to receive more followers and views.

Start with Ahrefs’ free keyword searcher!

YouTube is a great platform to use keywords. YouTube, you can make use of keywords through:

  • Utilizing keywords and search words as the name of the video
  • Utilizing search and keyword words in the description of the video
  • Utilizing tags to identify what your video is about, e.g. “independent music” or “indie.”

In deciding on the keywords to target, remember that while some keywords might be popular for search, they could also be subject to lots of competition. It is ideal to look for keywords that are not as competitive to ensure that your video stands an opportunity of being noticed!

Songs with generic titles such as “Love Song” or “Heartbreak Song’ are incredibly too popular and extremely competitive. Try to be a little more unique.

If you’ve already decided on the song’s title, it’s a good idea to change the name after you upload it on YouTube, even if you don’t alter the track’s actual text (it’s legal, we guarantee! ).

Beyond Ahrefs, TubeBuddy also comes with many free SEO-friendly features and offers an overview of the areas your videos need to improve.

8. Find out what’s trending

Another way to advertise music video on YouTube is to Find out what’s trending, Use the latest trends that align with your musical style and values. There is a huge increase in the number of fans who watch a very fashionable video.

If something happens that you like, create a music video about it. When you take advantage of trends, you’ll be amazed at your creative space.

Google Trends is a good resource for seeing what’s generating the most online attention. You can also go to YouTube Trends to see what’s hot on the platform in more specific terms.

Perhaps you’re spotting an upcoming trend for crocs (nice). It doesn’t mean you have to compose lyrics about Crocs physically. For example, you can write an ode to crocs’ significance in childhood memories and nostalgia.

Trends and fads change and disappear, but the daily exposure you can receive by spotting a temporary trend can last long.

9. Engage with channels similar to yours

One of the most effective methods to increase engagement on the platform is to connect in conversation with other channels like yours.

You cannot advertise your business all day to make it work. You’ll require other people with whom you can collaborate to enhance your offerings.

Like channels can be the ones you should be targeting because if they’re posting music similar to yours, and people are subscribing to them, you’ve probably discovered your ideal market!

Therefore, build a community with other artists on the platform. Find channels that feature the music you like, and then take the content they post seriously.

It is possible to search YouTube to find a similar artist or music’s general mood.

You can start commenting and liking the same performers’ YouTube video clips. Make sure to leave some outstanding comments that can be seen by other artists as well as YouTube viewers alike. If your comment is blown up, it may be placed at the top of the video, placing your channel in the top location for viewers!

Don’t be sleeping by yourself! It is essential to cover every area. That means starting conversations in the comments on your videos. Whether old or brand new, it’s never too late to have conversations waiting to be engaged in.

10. Monitor your data

Also another way to advertise music video on YouTube is to monitor your data, Learn the people were viewing the video you’ve uploaded, where they’re watching it, and the length of time they’re watching it.

You can then utilize these figures to determine what videos are in the highest demand and create content identical to yours.

YouTube comes with an in-built analytics section that you can access via the “YouTube Studio” area on the YouTube profile.

A wide array of reports will give you all the necessary information to make the right decision. Included is information about:

  • Time to watch
  • Sources of traffic
  • Audience demographics
  • Playback location
  • Audience retention rates
  • Rates of subscribers

11. Collaborate with other YouTubers and influencers

Another way to advertise music video on YouTube is to Collaborate with other YouTubers and influencers, Similar to how you can connect to other artists on YouTube, It’s a good idea to work with YouTubers who’re not necessarily musicians in their field; however, they are influential music influencers in the field of video production.

Accounts on YouTube that create reaction videos or TikTok creatives who review other people’s videos or music.

Find out if they’re interested in sharing links to your channel on their site, hosting, hosting one of your videos, or even giving your video a positive review. If it’s a well-known channel, it’s a great way to get exposure. If they’re a fan of the music you’ve created, they’ll likely promote it at no cost!

Connecting yourself to the right people for very little or no cost is an excellent way to exchange traffic with these huge creatives!

12. Paid YouTube Ads

Also another way to advertise music video on YouTube is to use YouTube Ads, To date, all of the strategies we’ve discussed were organic, i.e. ways to increase your following organically.

While organic methods have proved efficient, it’s important to remember the importance of using YouTube’s paid advertisements or YouTube advertising as a useful way to advertise your business on the platform.

YouTube offers you a variety of ways to target your ads and maximize the budget you have set out to use this feature.

If you don’t have one begun, you can start by sign-up for an account on a new google Ads account.

Begin by testing the waters with a small budget. Check out the ROI you earn and utilize this data to help you develop a basic advertising strategy to improve your exposure across the platforms. You can experiment with various formats to determine what works best for your music!

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