Download “Bukatana” Audio MP3 by Lemuel (Seed of David)

Lemuel is out with his new single titled “Bukatana” meaning my Desire, this song will uplift your spirit as you listen. Lemuel is a gifted gospel minister who has been a blessing to the church of God through his music. Also spread the goodnews..

Stay blessed …

Bukatana Lyrics

Verse 1:

I have been to so many places in this word
I have tried some baba lawo in the west
I have tried some dibia in the east
I have tried some bokaye in the north
Still my problems are there, like a mountain
All I need is you Jesus, Jesus (*2).


inzan zau na da kai…bukatana yabiya(*3)
oh oh o bukata, bukatana yabiya..(*2)Reps.

Verse 2:

You are the balm of gilead.. Sweet Jesus..oh.
You are the living water..
Who so ever drinks from you never thirst again (*2)
Backup: you are the source of will never run out of power and who so ever drink from you never thirst again (*2)
( Back to chorus ).

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