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Top 5 radio station with christian music

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radio station with christian music

Gospel Radio is a worldwide radio station with Christian music, great sermons, and Christian shows that serves as a platform to share the good news of Jesus Christ. These are the top 5 radio station with christian music in Nigeria.

1. Gospotainment Radio

radio station with christian musicGospotainment Radio is an urban gospel and Christian music radio station. It is an internet radio station based in Lagos, Nigeria, which offers Interviews, news, song counts, concert reviews, HOLY GHOST Party, DJ sessions, and many other features. They aim to make a new program that would bless people’s lives.

Link to Listen to Gospotainment Radio


2. Liveway Radio

radio station with christian musicLiveway Radio is a Christian radio station that broadcasts a complete, spirit-filled Christian broadcast. This broadcast is designed to keep you spiritually healthy and active in your relationship with God. The Redeemed Christian Church of God is the home of Liveway Radio Nigeria. It broadcasts from Lagos and Houston. Its most prominent programs include Blast from The Past, Encouragement Minute and Open Heavens.



3. Wellsradio

radio station with christian musicWellsradio is an online radio station that broadcasts quality programs to the world, they provide inspiring and wholesome programs for wholistic living and purpose realization. Wellsradio was founded in Nigeria in 2017 in Ibadan, Oyo state. In addition, Wellsradio can be found on all major radio directories around the globe.

Link to listen to Wellsradio

4. Champion’s Circle Radio

radio station with christian musicChampion’s Circle Radio mission is to broadcast Jesus Christ, reach the world with His Gospel, and promote the total man through scriptural and Biblical content in music and preaching.




5. Mount Zion Radio Ibadan

radio station with christian music llllMount Zion Radio Ibadan is an online radio station in Ibadan, owned by Mike Bamiloye. Located in Ibadan. Mount Zion Radio Ibadan believes that Christ is the center of all affairs. Therefore, we are mandated to make men aware of their Kingdom rights and help them live a balanced Christian life. We believe in inspirational, transformational content that can strengthen your prayer life, lift your spirit, and guide you and your family morally.

Link to listen to Mount Zion Radio Ibadan



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