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Top 10 Christian Rap Songs 2022 (Updated List)

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Christian Rap Songs

Rap is a form of music that uses words; however, they are spoken in a fast rhythmic style. It’s also a type of music in a fashion reminiscent of rap, or in words employed in the music are rap-like.

Christian Rap Songs is a subgenre of hip-hop music characterized by the Christian worldview. It serves the primary goal of evangelizing (Christian missions work) and educating some people in the Church and simply entertaining.

Some of the most prominent Christian rappers include Lecrae, Torey D Shaun, Brandyn, Kalani Andy Mineo, and many more. This article will give the top 10 Christian Rap songs of 2022.

Top 10 Christian Rap Songs 2022

Lecrae ft 1K Phew – One Call

Brandyn Kalani – Promises

Wande ft Porsha Love – Don’t Worry Bout It

Hulvey – Crack The Tomb (Official Audio) ft. Torey D’Shaun

On Me – Ty Brasel

Mike Teezy – Bible Going Viral

Xay Hill – Trap ft. King Chai

FEELS – Dillon Chase

I Need You – Bizzle

Aaron Cole – Bristol Lights

About the Artist


One of the artist on our top 10 christian rap songs, Lecrae Devaughn Moore (born on October 9, 1979), also known as Lecrae (born October 9, 1979), is an American Christian hip-hop artist, songwriter, singer, and film record producer and executive of record actor, and entrepreneur.

Lecrae is awed by his career path that is purpose-driven as a motivated catalyzer moving “from an artist and architect” on the album, expanding the tight-knit home within Reach Records (the label he co-founded) through a partnership together with Columbia Records and expanding his creative outreach. “I looked for influences and collaborators I didn’t think I’d get the chance to collaborate on with,” Lecrae reveals.

In the forthcoming album, Lecrae says that he does not forget the role of an outsider that’s allowed Lecrae to break the edges of hip-hop stardom. However, he’s also aware of the broader world entering his world.

Brandyn Kalani

Christian Pop, Rap, and hip-hop singer Brandyn Kalani blends fun tunes, catchy hooks, and pounding drums to create a feeling filled with joy and happiness! Since the age of a child, Brandyn discovered music as an outlet of expression, but in the past two years has been exploring what this means.

As Brandyn became a better artist and musician, so did his range of influences. Some of these performers comprise Andy Mineo, Kings Kaleidoscope, and Jon Bellion Brandyn, has been featured on numerous playlists, such as New Music Friday Christian, New Christian Rap Songs Daily, BLSSD Music: Official Playlist, BLSSD music 2021 & Christian Rap.

The Rapzilla Rapper Brandyn is looking forward to seeing what direction God leads his journey in this area of expression. The solo artist and musician Kalani. shares his personal spiritual experiences through hip-hop. He is One of the artist on our top 10 christian rap songs


Also on our top 10 christian rap songs is Hulvey, Hulvey, who is 22 years old, from the young Brunswick, GA native, was a student who dropped out of college, cleaning toilets at Publix to being Reach Records’ latest breakout hip rapper.

His debut E.P. for the label BRKNHRT dropped in 2020 and quickly earned his national acclaim. Pandora has named the artist “Christian Artist to watch in 2020,” and his songs ‘Higher’ and “Real Love” were taken from Hulvey Vol. 1, and Hulvey Vol. 2 were included in Hulvey Vol. 2 on VH1’s Love and Hip Hop Atlanta in 2020. In addition, ‘Cold-blooded” was included on the hit A.B.C. show ‘The Rookie.’

The day after the release of BRKNHRT, the world went into a state of shut-down, and an outbreak struck the world. In the wake of having to put his hopes of performing and touring on hold, Hulvey, like everyone else in the world, ended up in his home, away from family and friends, and was forced to confront his fears and insecurities and give them over to God. Then, the album he was to release, scheduled for release in 2021, began to take shape.

“I began to let go of all my anxieties with all the anxiety-inducing thoughts and anxieties I’ve been struggling with for a long time and wrote on it,” says Hulvey. “As difficult as it was to many people I personally, I saw peace and beau

Ty Brasel

One of the artist on our top 10 christian rap songs, Tyler Alan Brasel, known under the name Ty Brasel was born in Memphis, TN, and grew up at the crossroads of East Memphis & Olive Branch, MS. The area, known by the locals as “Memphissippi,” is where Ty first discovered his love for music. As a youngster, Ty found his role as a model in hip-hop, and music became the background to his life.

Ty Brasel is an American rapper hailing from Tennessee. The Destined For Greatness, The Divine Storm, Young T are his most well-known albums. Brasel was an avid hip-hop fan when he was a youngster and began learning about and attending performances as he grew older.

He was in the company of producers, rappers, and even singers in his youth who introduced him to southern hip-hop. Ty was also interested in becoming an elite athlete, and he concentrated on sports. Ty is his real name.

Mike Teezy

Singer/songwriter, rapper, and dancer. Director and visionary Mike Teezy was born a Charleston, West Virginia native. Born to a family with a solid musical background, Mike Teezy was destined to discover his talents and talent. While his talents weren’t discovered immediately, he knew that God had plans and a goal in his own life.

To find his purpose, Mike wrote his first song, “Show You Your Way,” which is on the album he released his first called The Child of God. Michael E. J. Tyree, more popularly well-known as Mike Teezy, is a rising gospel singer emerging on the scene and making an enormous impact on the church of Christ.

Old and young alike from all over the globe are awestruck by his unique style, empathy for those around him, and lyrics pushing the boundaries of Gospel music in the way we understand it. Mike Teezy loves to share his talent as a musician and rapper with the entire world.

He is determined to write songs that bring joy to the heart, speak to the soul, and inspire an individual to make a change. Through sharing the joy from God and his testimony to God’s incredible power of working, Many people have experienced an influx of faith through the effect that his songs have had on them. He is one of the artist on our top 10 christian rap songs

Xay Hill

It’s hard to find a musician who hasn’t collaborated on a project with Xay Hill. The artist has produced hundreds of feature films and has released even more songs. The old rules for being a Rapzilla freshman indicated that he would be disqualified. However, the rules were changed this year since streaming has revolutionized the rules.

During an interview, the singer-songwriter said about his latest work, “So my latest music I released first. If you’ve seen similar releases, it’s collab E.P.s. I had inspired long ago when I started in CHH money; it wasn’t enough to purchase an item. This led me to the point that I released a plethora of features. I think I’m near 500 of the things I’ve done in CHH over the last one and a half years. Everyone deserves at least the chance. Therefore, I collaborate with artists and producers that nobody has ever heard of. I collaborate with them, I assist them, and I essentially give up my platform.

My mom always said to me, “God provides you with an opportunity. It’s not yours; it’s God’s. Therefore, you must give it up.” I do not care if the song gets listed on my Spotify; I’m just trying to assist them. However, I have released new music. I came out with “Bag” in January, and on Friday, I released “Mutombo” along with Parris Chariz and Teejay.” He is one of the artist on our top 10 christian rap songs

Dillon Chase

One of the artist on our top 10 christian rap songs, Dillon Chase has been on the scene for a couple of years now, with six albums in his catalog as well as a variety of singles. However, 2019 was his most significant year, featuring on Switch’s global hit “Symphony,” which debuted at the top of the charts of Billboard’s Christian Hot AC/HCR in February.

Following this, Dillon was signed by the most prominent Christian music label, Dream Music Group, for its hip-hop record label, One Moment Records, and made his debut single with the label. While on tour, Dillon spent a lot of time in youth camps at churches, sharing his message to youngsters and helping them find their own identity. A topic that a lot of people were unable to comprehend.

The audience is a significant part of 75 percent in his shows live, but it’s something Chase has accepted and is thrilled to be a part of. In discussion with JamTheHype, Dillion said, “They’re the largest demographic of people who consume music. I’m wondering, what could I offer them that’s will inspire them and guide them?”


Born with a God-created talent for music generally and in particular, Bizzle, the Los Angeles raised M.C. Bizzle (born Mark J. Felder), composed his first rap song at just eight years old. He began writing R&B at the same time. Bizzle, who is now 26, has had 18 years of experience as a songwriter and the experiences show in his style and range.

Between 2004 and 2008, Bizzle was able to release L.A.V. areas and his popularity on myspace, the hopes regarding the release were huge; however, God had other plans for Bizzle. In 2008, Bizzle began going to church more often, and his connection with God increased. Because of this, Bizzle felt that he had to change his style of music and take it to a new place.

In January of 2010, he dropped the track “You Have Some Explaining to Do,” which was a track aimed at Jay-Z in a way, pointing him out for his negative references to Jesus when rapping that caused quite a bit of controversy.

The response was more significant than the artist could have ever dreamed of. After being repeatedly labeled Bizzle the “Christian Rapper,” a disparaging critique of Jay Z, Bizzle decided that he was determined to keep his momentum going to give Glory for Christ with his song. He is one of the artist on our top 10 christian rap songs

Aaron Cole

One of the artist on our top 10 christian rap songs, Aaron Tyrese Cole (born February 28, 1999) is an American Christian hip-hop musician and artist. He started his career at four. He was signed to Gotee Records, a record label founded by Christian hip-hop artist Toby McKeehan.

Cole is most well-known for his hit songs “Right in time” and “One More Day.” Cole was born into a musical family, and his father owned a recording studio inside their home. At the beginning of his high school years, Cole realized that music was his real passion, and he hoped to fulfill it as a professional rapper.

“I remember when I was in junior high, I was just happy to be normal, but I was always the target of ridicule because I didn’t smoke or drink or get into the ring,” says Cole. “One afternoon, I went home and explained to my dad what was happening and the reason, and he told me that he believed I was being called to an important reason and that it was going to cost me the opportunity to not be like the rest of us.

That was the moment when I met God at first in my life for myself and knew that I was destined to be a singer and began making and creating my lyrics together.” Cole currently lives within Bristol, VA


Also on our top 10 christian rap songs is Wande, Wande is a Nigerian American Christian hip hop artist, journalist, and A&R manager located in Austin, Texas, United States. She signed with the Christian hip-hop record label Reach Records in 2019, in which she was the A&R administrator.

Before that, she was an independent artist; she was signed from 2013 to 2018; she released several singles, performed numerous appearances on different songs, and worked as a journalist for the music industry. She was the first female artist who has signed with Reach.

Wande was born in Nigeria and grew up in Round Rock and Austin, Texas, United States. Alongside English, she speaks fluently in Yoruba.

Most of her family members were Muslim, except for her mother, a Christian. In the beginning, she was not permitted to go to church, and later, she had to rise early at 5:30 A.M. to read the Bible and walk with the mother off to work to be picked up and taken to church.

Wande stated in April of 2020 that she would joke “that I would go to the Mosque as well as the church.” The curiosity she had about God inspired her to look online for Christian music and the first result to pop up was the 2006 track “Prayin’ for You” by Lecrae. In the sixth grade, she played flute and studied music until senior high school. 4 She decided to convert to Christianity in the seventh grade while working at a camp in the year 2009 in Columbus, Texas, a choice that sparked her family’s opposition.


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